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Bathroom Toilet and Bathroom Vanity Unit Designer and Manufacturer

Are you expecting an incomparable experience of enjoying luxurious and extreme comfortable plumbing fixtures? Yourong Trading can definitely make it come true! Devoted in bathroom supplies' research, development, design and manufacturing, we provide a variety of bathroom products, including one-piece toilet, two-piece toilet, squatting pan, urinal bowl, pedestal basin, bathroom cabinet and basin, toilet water tank, toilet seat, shower column, water tap, etc. All of our reliable, fashionable and environmentally friendly sanitary wares are extremely comfortable, water-saving and have the outstanding function of disinfection and anti-bacteria. Having world's leading technology and intellectual property, we diligently insist to survey domestic and overseas customers' needs. We have elite team constantly derive inspiration from the world of nature, fashion and color to continuously achieve breakthrough and innovation on our bathroom fixtures. Therefore, you are bound to have a perfect experience with us!>> More
    1. Two Piece ToiletThe elongated two-piece toilet has elongated bowl, which is suitable for larger bathroom and offers more comfortable use.
      Our integrally sintered two-piece toilet is durable in use.
    1. One Piece ToiletSelf-cleaning glaze technology brings gentle, fine and smooth appearance to the one piece toilet, which is not only easy to be cleaned, but also abrasive resistant and acid-base resistant.
    1. Squatting PanThe ceramic squatting pan's self-cleaning glaze surface, with the glaze layer of 1.2mm, features brightness, smoothness, abrasion resistance and the function of antibacterial.
    1. Urinal BowlThe urinal bowl's average amount of water used is about 1.2L-3L when in high frequency use and 2L-4L in low frequency use. Its small amount of water consumption can save water effectively.
    1. Pedestal BasinIts comfortable and curve design is in accordance with the human body engineering. The height and the width are both conforming to the natural physical feature of human body.
    1. Toilet Water TankOur toilet water tank is equipped with adjustable water-saving and energy-saving sanitary fittings. For instance, the amount of water used is about 6.5L-7L for full drainage and 3.2L-3.5L for half drainage.